Sustainability marketing

We are used to knowing that customers only care about the price, delivery and functionality of the product.
But as the world changes, so do customers’ attitudes toward global affairs. Sustainability is not a fashion and a value-added phenomenon – it is NECESSITY to stay in the market. Sustainability marketing should be part of the corporate marketing complex, which in the long run helps companies to better communicate with customers and gain value for the business.

It does not matter if the product or services are offered for the client, the matter is how efficient is the final impact on the environment. Tradicional marketing is now understood as basic, but the real value comes when we hear our client needs and offer a solution for them. The price is no longer the amount of money, it is the value of what the client gets or how his purchase impacts the world. It is the product or service provider’s task to find the way where and how easy can the client find and purchase. Inbound marketing is now being used for promotion. Analysis of customers’ needs and expectations are taken into account before promotion campaign is being launched.